28 July 2015

15 Things You Should Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

Getting Google Adsense Approval it is Difficult task to webmaster. when I have Started Blogging Career I come beyond Many website and Read Many articles about Adsense Approval but today I'm 98% Greek in approval process.

How to Approve Adsense Account

In Google Search Engine their are thousand of articles Already Published about How to Approve Adsense Account so why i want to interested to write this post because In 60% articles are not working or out of date and I write this in easy terms so anybody can read this article.

They Tutorials Cover so Many Topics which Follow One Solutions.

  • Am I Eligible to Apply For Adsense?
  • How to Approve Adsense?
  • What are Google Adsense Requirement For Before Applying Adsense?
  • why Google Adsense Reject My Application?
  • Adsense Primary Requirement?
  • Why I am Not Qualify For Adsense?
So this Post Help to Find Your Answer. 

1) Minimum Post :

R u know what is minimum Post criteria?  

I Seen many blogs and solve their Problem about getting adsense first they ask me we having more than 150++ Posts in blog or website but we have't adsense or we applied 2-3 times but every time we got rejection via email so what we do?

You should read Google terms and conditions rules and follow it.

2) About Us

I research that thing 67% First time visitors visit About us Page because They want to know who is the Behind this site so Make About Us Page.

You can write your Information In About Us Page Or You can write Your Team Detail.

Must filled atleast 15 line or even more but write only correct information about you and your team.

Google must require about us page for valuable Information.

Read :- See My About Us Page

3) Contact Us

The small things will Play major Role in adsense approval process.

Now i would  like to talk about third point of  approval process It's contact us Page.It can be more helpful in adsense approval process and It's also Important for every webmaster where anybody can send a Message and contact you.
Adsense can check only one thing in contact page is it working or not? so careful about it and make it first.   

4) Private Policy

Perhaps Adsense TOS, You must have Private Policy Page.In that page you can write about contains of  Information about cookies, Device Specific Information, Log File and Control Your Policy and Other Information store their.

5) Optimize Your website

Optimize your Site with Good contain Like Fresh contain with Grammar Free Errors .
You can do some changes in your template so that your template looks decent to other website it helps you a lot in approving process.

Try to make your own Templates and you not do then change atleast colors and something other widget or create own logo.second Point You must write atleast 500+ word in your every blog post. 

6)Domain Age

Your Domain Should be atleast 45 Days old for Asian Country.

Remember In Asian Countries Like India ,Srilanka ,Pakistan, Bangladesh ,Indonesia Adsense has Placed to Restriction On Domain Age. It's Demanding At least your blog or Domain should be 6 Month old So Clear About It.

How To Select Domain?

You should have a unique Domain Or Top Level Domain(.com .net and .org are top-level domains) and when you choose domain name then note three things 1) choose Short Domain Name , 2) Look Decent and 3 ) Easy to Remember to visitor also must choose Related to your blog or website Niche.

7) Google Analysis Code

Before applied for adsense check in your blog. 

should you Install Google Analysis Code or Not

Not ' 

Then You need to Install Google analysis code in your website.
  • First Open Google Analysis 
  • login with Your Account Name 
  • Add Your Website and Enter Your Website Url
  • verify Ownership by One of the following method
  • Now Conformed and Enjoy

8) Google Webmaster verification Page

The Second Thing You apply for Google webmaster verification.

How to do this?

  • Login at google webmaster tool.
  • Click on Add Your site and Enter Your Url.
  • verified your ownership with any Method.
  • And Finally Conform.

9) Bing webmaster verification code

Bing Webmaster is similar to Google webmaster you can apply same procedure for it and verify your ownership Don't miss this step.

10) Sitemap Page

In Your Site Or Blog Should have a Sitemap Page.Search engine can Index your site link and Page quickly.To create Site map For Blogger User Follow Add SiteMap and WordPress  user Just Install Google Xml Sitemap and Create SiteMap.

11) Robot.txt

Must Create Robot.txt file in your site before applied for adsense.Robot.txt File will tell to search engine [Google,bing] your site page indexed or Not?

 It's don't metter if your site platform is blogger, wordpress or CMS based.

Don't Ignore :How To Create Sitemap For Blogger 

12)Alexa Rank

It's very important task when you applied for adsense account. You can approve adsense without good alexa rank but your alexa rank must under 300k it's get good for you and your website to approve easily.

13) Own Email ID 

when you applied for adsense before You should have a Private Email Id Like admin@Yourblogname.com.

14) Decent Trafic

Your Site have Minimum 50+  visitors Required Per day. Please Don't be move Quickly for apply adsense with out having enough traffic.I personally Refer that when your site have 100+ traffic per day then you apply for adsense so they make sure.and if you Follow all above mentioned requirements without stable traffic, your account not approved.

15) Don't Put Other Company's Add

One thing Please not when you applied for adsense than Don't Put other company's advertise example Chitika,yahoo and Infolink because Google adsense Not allow other company's advertise.