20 June 2015

How To Recover Unsaved Document In Libreoffice [Ubuntu]

Want to Recover Unsaved document In Libreoffice?

You can recovered libreoffice file in two ways.once Libreoffice provides default facility to recover your unsaved document it shows when you start the machine after shut down or any other electric issue.

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but second one is the great option we can find over libreoffice file in over machine.


Don't worry Libreoffice provide backup facility to your document it's like Auto saved option but how we get recover that file so read below tutorials for further help.

Steps to Recover Unsaved Document In Libreoffice

How To Recover Unsaved Document In Libreoffice [Ubuntu]

So, here are the steps to follow, you need to go through them and then you can easily recover unsaved document.
  • Open Libreoffice writer or Calc Software.
  • After You can see Different types of menus in Your Libreoffice bar Such as File,Edit,View,Tools.
  • Now Open Tools Menu ( Follow Below Image For more help ).
recovery path of libreoffice
  • Click On Options on Tools Menu.
  • Tools Menu > Options > Libreoffice > Paths
recovery path of libreoffice

Hear , You can show Your Backup Path with the Name of Backups and Find those path in Your System ( We mention that In Above Image So Follow that Image).

In Backup folder You can easily find latest file with the File Name and using System Date then after Copy those File and Paste In Desktop.


It's all about In how to recover Unsaved File In Libreoffice hope You guys enjoyed this Post in next section we learn three basic setting which should do every linux or Ubantu user.