10 June 2015

7 Ways to Save Your Smartphone's Battery Life

R u worried about Your Phone's Battery than don't regret Read this tutorials it help a lot.

Always use dark coloured Wallpaper/Background :-

Some Android phones (especially Samsung mobiles) use AMOLED screens. AMOLED screens do not use dark colors. so the more black pixels or the more darker pixels reduce battery consumption.

Avert Vibration mode :-

Do not use Vibration, unless you really need that. It takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it. Turn off vibration for notifications.

Auto-Brightness :-

This is one of the best way to save your battery life. Don't use auto brightness. It Looks Good but this mode make your phone more brighter than our need.

Always use original batteries and chargers :-

Do not use duplicate batteries or Chargers for saving few money. This bad habit can harm your smartphone. And duplicate battery's performance is also poor. So be careful and always use original accessories.

Use battery saving features on your smartphone :-

Where are most of your battery is being spent on. We can easily find out from its use.

You can find various battery saving apps on all the major platforms like "Google Play store" "App store" (for apple).
For Ex. : 

For AndroidDU Battery Saver, Battery Widget Reborn,  Battery Doctor, Battery optimizer and Widget etc.
For Apple Phone : Battery Doctor, Battery Life Pro, Battery Manager, Battery Boost Pro etc.

Turn off  GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mobile data :-

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data whenever you don't need them.

For Ex :- Wifi, when the device is not connected to a network, it will continue to search for one on a regular basis. The same thing occurs with other wireless features. It reduces your battery life.

Turn off Animations :

Don't use display animations. Display animations are always looks cool. It reduces battery life, Because only animation spent most of your battery.