25 April 2015

How to Block Websites By Editing the HOSTS File in Windows

Do you know How to Block Website in windows 7 without Any Software?

Many companys and organisation used online software for direct website blocking.there are many information technology companys available that provide you a block website list which include social media,software,hacking,redio and tv category and Streaming Media and Download category but then after you have only one work to do copy that all website and Paste that in a Software hence user can not open that all webiste.

But In many case(s) when many peoples use one computer and administer of computer don't want to access any website so that time you used this techniques and Block perticular website or category belongs to child or employee.

You have question How We can Do this without any Software?

Yeh Definetly We block website Using host file.

Step's For Blocking website

  •  Open Windows Menu then Go To Notepad File.
  •  Before Open Notepad Right Click and Run as Administator [Follow Below Screen Shot].

  •  After Open Notepad click on Open a File.

  •  Choose Path Go To Drive C >> Windows >> system32 >> Drivers >> etc
  • Click On Below DropDown and Choose All Files
  • When You can see All Files In etc Folder You want to choose Hosts File and Open it.

  • Write website Name [write those website which You want to delete]
  • Save That Notepad File.
  • Open Those website In Browser which You Wrote In a Host File.
  • Finally , Website Blocked.