7 February 2015

How To Unlock/Reset Pattern lock In Xiaomi Redmi

Nowadays Xiaomi Redmi 1s is more popular because of it gives Powerful features in a low range so absolutely middle class people like much more.but in recently i fixed one problem in them.

I had done high security(with patent lock) in my redmi phone so it does not allow to do anything in them when my brother do something in them it has asked similar patten and password and he has entered wrong password in more than three time then it show your phone has been lock.

but main thing i has not know email id,password  and it shows only three letter of it.so what we do?

I checked solution in internet but it has time consuming process for me so finally  i had reboot my phone with the use of power key and upper arrow volume key. 
  • Turn off your xiaomi Redmi 1s device.
  • Press both keys [Power key and upper volume key] together.
  • when your phone start that time release Power Key but keep pressing Volume Key.
  • You can show Recovery Menu on your screen than release all keys.
  • First Choose English language By Default it shows Chinese languege.
  • Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset with the use of Up- Down volume Key.
  • Yes - Delete all user Data.
  • Then Reboot Your Device wait till to function show.
Note :-  it does not allow to touch the fuction via screen hence if you have select any function like Select Language or wipe Data then you can do with Press Power Key and if you have change the function then you can do this with the help of Up-Down Volume Key.

when You do this steps Xiaomi has reset your All cell Phone data such as contacts and phone memory so do carefully. 


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