28 January 2015

How To Remove Password From Memory Card?

Micro Sd Cards are Drastic Space Saving Memory Devices and Which are broadly used In Day By Day.

Plentiful People Create Password on their Memory Card For Securing their data to other Person but In Some time People can forgot their password and that time they can not access to memory card.

When You Insert Your Memory Card In Computer that time the Card data not show In Computer owing to lock In Types of Cases People Generally try to Format Memory card password.

Well, In this Post we are discuss Some Easy Tricks to help Recover Momory card Password as well as You can easily Format Your Memory.

How To Remove Password From Memory Card?

#1  How To Remove Password From Memory Card                                                                  [ With Out PC ]

  • Insert Your Memory Card In Nokia Mobile [ Must Use E-Series Or N-Series Device]
  • Now , Format the Memory Card.
  • So It will Not ask Password.

#2 How To Remove Memory Card Password With PC

  • Go To File Manager On Your Mobile. 
  • In them Setting Option and Choose System Folder
  • In Systen Folder Locate the File Name as Mmcstore.
  • Send Located File On Your Pc to Use Of DataCable or Bluetooth
  • Open File In NotePad.
  • In Notepad You can Easily See Your Password.

When You are Going to Format Memory card that time it will ask you to enter password , But Simply put password as 0000 then Your card will  Formatted and password is removed automatically.

Hope , You have satisfied with this small tutorials to Remove Memory card Password Or Recover Memory card Password.