28 January 2015

How To work Truecaller Application?

Truecaller is developed on 2009 by Two friend Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam In sweden the Main Purpose of  Provide Online Phone Number Directory. 

You can't aware with this application and you also Know what is Truecaller but let me Remind once again for those who have not got it.

What Is Truecaller?

True caller Application is a Global Online Directory, In truecaller You can Search any phone number in around the world and You can Find Person Name, Location and Person Image.It has also provide Location of Person and City as well as state so it's easy to find that person.

How To work Truecaller Application?

As You Know Truecaller is a Online Application but you know When You Install this application On Your Phone that time your Contact list shared with along common database which Controlled by Truecaller.

Your contacts encrypted in truecaller database with Your Friends Picture, Name and Number so when somebuddy search that number in truecaller application that time it's find that number in his database and after result shows in your screen but some time number not store in database then Result will be blank Or Not Found.


Truecaller Is most popular application in this world , I think it has install in your phone but those who have not yet then download on playstore. 

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