26 January 2015

What Is Keyword Research and How We Do?

Keyword Research is very dominant Part for every blogger to get First Position in Search engine.with Keyword Research You can drive organic and best traffic in your site from search engine.

There are Lots of things we can do with SEO and Every Beginner blogger need the understand it.Means Search engine optimization is a process of Indexing and ranking web pages and optimizing Your blog Seo Friendly.

What Is Actually Keyword Research?

What is meaning of Keyword Research and How we do?

Before we start How to do keyword Research we must know about  Keyword Research to perform better in tutorial.Keyword Research Is a one of the main task for every blogger because without Keyword you can't drive organic traffic in your site means you write 150+ Post but You don't know what is keyword research and how we do, why peoples add High Keyword In his blog? hence you are not drive more traffic in your blog.

Webmaster do to rank their website and blogs better in search engine result page.fundamentally Keyword is phrase which People write in search engine for search anything.For Instant If I need Blogger templates So what I write In search Engine? 

I will write something like this In search engine " How I download seo Friendly blogger Template " So Seo Friendly Blogger Templates consider as a Keyword.


How To Do Keyword Research?

Their are lots of tools and website available on Interner such as Kissmetrics , seomoz tools and so on which will help you to do keyword research for any particular search engine. 
  • Go To Google Keyword Planner
  • Login with Your Account
  • Click On Search For new Keyword and ad ideas.

  • Now One Long Section Appear On Your windows which will help to do for keyword Research. 
  • In the First Box Write Your Query Or Keyword.[Like In Example I need  Blogger Templates then I write Blogger Templates]
  • Then After Paste Or Write Your webpage Url In second Box.
  • In Third Box write Your Product Category and Also You can select your Product niche in Your Product Category Box.
  • You can also setup Your Location, languages and ext but it is not necessary.
  • At Last, Click " Get Ideas"
  • When You show Result Like this In below Image.
  • You can see I searched " blogger templates " Keyword and this keyword having 49500 monthly searches so its good keyword.
  • In below list you can see more keywords idea given by Google keyword tools which will help you to better keyword research.
we should target that keyword which may have high number of monthly searches but low number of competition and they rocking boom boom and they drive more traffic in your blog in search engine.


So, In this tutorial we learn about what is keyword research and how we do and it's very easy task after reading this tutorial.In next post we will learn How Using Search Preference Tools I Improved My traffic by 64%? If You have any question,view or suggestion then please comment bellow.Take a lot of care till the next post.